Leadership & Communication

Time for a sit down and a natter can be a scarce commodity in schools. For Middle Leaders especially, who are required day –to-day to balance the demands of their teams, their students and Senior Leaders, time efficient and effective communication is vital to sustain forward momentum and keep their teams motivated and pulling together.  […]

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‘U ok hun?’ Leadership with Emotion

My first few years as a middle leader were pretty miserable, if I’m honest.  I was teaching a full timetable and juggling the demands of the role.  My ability to continue to mask my emotions was starting to wane and I beat myself up about my inability to keep  it together.  I wanted to appear competent and in control.  I mistakenly thought this meant showing no emotion.

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The TLC Manifesto

We at TLC have a vision of how this most noble of professions should operate.  We have summed up our thinking in the following five point manifesto.  These are the principles that we live and work by and actively promote in our schools, with our colleagues and with our wider communities.  Do you think we’ve missed anything?

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